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Welcome! You've arrived at the Manual Article Spinning and Manual Content Spinning service!


The Background

For about a decade now there has been a need for webmasters and marketers of all descriptions to find or provide unique content. This is because of the perception, rightly or wrongly, that Google punishes content that is a duplicate of existing content. Therefore all content has to be unique. But things can only be expressed in a finite number of ways. Thus the sub-industry of content spinning was born.

We've all seen the results of automated spins and the rubbish that comes from them.

From the earliest times on the Internet certain people have tried to create content cheaply by using software which sees words only as synonyms and which substitutes those synonyms for other synonyms. In any language this would be playing with the irrational, but with a language as idiomatic as English the results can be quite grotesque, from the funny to the libelous.

I recall a video demonstrating the virtues of an early version of a software application called SENuke, where the person narrating the video got caught up in this linguistic nightmare even before he'd got to his sales pitch, by using an example of trainers which could be worn on the feet, which his own software then tried to substitute as being "old" or "dilapidated" on the feet, or some other such synonym of the word "worn". The automated spinning industry had clobbered itself before it had even started.

English is an impossible language; it has strict rules but then it breaks these rules when it feels like it. What is perfectly good in one context will be completely unacceptable in another context. To believe that such a language could be manipulated by a set of rules based on synonyms is an arrogant premise, but people feared something called the Google Duplicate Content Penalty (they still fear it today), and so the race was on to see who could accomplish this first.

Well, to date, nobody has.

The only way to provide unique content properly is to do it manually; that means each word one by one.

NOTE: It is said in many sources, even today, that if you use article spinning in your content you will be penalised by Google and your website's ranking will drop in the search results. This is only true if automated spinning is used. Auto spinning always results in unreadable nonsense, which is turn makes the web visitor click away from the site, thus vastly increasing what is known as the 'bounce rate'.

A high bounce rate is a known factor which Google takes into consideration when ranking websites and web pages. But that is the ONLY METRIC which Google has in determining the quality of a site's content. There is no metric for spun content, because no search engine is able to detect content which is manually spun by an English native speaker who knows what he's doing and who produces only content which looks as if it has been freshly written by hand.

Long story short: there is no risk of using spun content if the results are of sufficiently high quality that nobody can tell it is spun!

And if people can't tell, search engines certainly can't.


The Service

I will spin the content of documents of any length you like. The client will send an article of an agreed length and I will spin it to produce completely unique and distinct articles - and at the same time completely readable. The article will read as if it had been written from fresh by a native English speaker. Each manually spun article will thus be able to serve as tier 1 content on your money website or primary resource material.

Before the article is spun there will be a Review and Revision phase. The purpose of this is to decrease idioms as much as possible. Then I will supply "safe" adjectives which are easily interchangeable. Are there any protected words and phrases in your article? These are the keywords that you will not want to be substituted for other words, because these are the keyword phrases or search terms that you want your content to rank for, so they had better be present in the text!

Then it's off to work.

Content spinning is done at the level of the word, the phrase. This means that most words and phrases are substituted by other words and phrases of an approximate meaning and in keeping with the sense of what is being conveyed in the text. It is also possible to spin at the level of the sentence as well, called Nested Sentence Spinning. This means that, as well as each word and each phrase, each sentence is also re-written in a slightly different way in each case. This creates super-uniqueness in the finished output.

After the spinning process has completed I will save 300 copies of the spun document and supply these to the client in a zip file. The client has the option of additionally having 100 more spun copies, totaling 400 unique spun articles. This means that you get more articles for your money.


Unique: Keywords Inserted into Each Unique Spun Document

This is a unique system, developed in-house and not available elsewhere, which allows keywords from a list in a file to be automatically inserted into placeholders on specific pages where unique content is simultaneously spun.

The significance of this is not immediate to grasp by just reading the above sentence, but it represents a huge advantage and is actually a game-changer in SEO terms, as it means that each article can be optimised to a specific keyword phrase as well as being totally unique.

For example, if you have a list of 300 cities and want the name of each to appear at various points in the article (in the title, headings and the content, for example) this process will name each file according to the keyword used (each keyword phrase in the input list) and this city-based keyword phrase will appear in all the places designated.

You could have 300 articles, each totally unique, about 'Cosmetic Dentists in [CITY]', each one aimed at 300 cities in the US, or the top 300 cities in the English-speaking world, for example.

This really puts the service in the field of genuine content creation, fully optimised and designed to rank highly in the search engine results. Truly unique and SEO optimised content can be created automatically (and at huge cost benefits) with this automated part of the process.


To Begin the Process

In order to start I will need you to supply the original article with full payment (alternatively, you can buy the service on either the Legiit or the Fiverr platforms and pay on completion- see the next page). Your original article can be of any length.

You should also tell me if you want to protect any words or phrases (e.g. if you have a keyword phrase you want to preserve in all copies of the spun output, therefore you do not want this keyword phrase substituted by a synonym) you should let me know what this keyword or keyword phrase is, and it will be protected. Protected terms would include your main and additional keywords for SEO purposes (although minor keywords can themselves be spun among themselves), your trading names and the names of any websites you may want to mention, as well as any email addresses (unless you have more than one email address which serves the same purpose).

Please note that the more protected terms there are in the document, the more protected terms will exist in all output articles. Therefore the level of uniqueness will get smaller because, by definition, there are keywords and phrases that will appear without substitution of other words and phrases in the output articles.

I also need to know whether you want the article in U.S. English or British English. There are subtle differences of nuance in each.


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